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King's Conflict is the perfect fusion between Chess and trading card games like Magic the Gathering. Deep strategy and highly varied gameplay make certain no two matches are the same.

Games are two-player online contests between opposing kings; the winner is the last king alive. Players select a king (there are several types) and a deck of 30 cards from their virtual collection. Cards are servants (such as peasant archers, or a dragon), which can move every turn; stationary structures (such as castles), and commands (such as Earthquake), which take place instantly. It's free and easy to create an account, and no email address is required. The game comes with a full walkthrough tutorial and help system, so is easy to learn.

King's Conflict is a work in progress, and the card-set is growing increasingly diverse (we have over 200 now). It is fully playable and more importantly fun. Playtesters are urgently sought to help polish and develop it further!

UPDATE 3/9/15: The first user-designed and submitted map has been implemented into the game! There are now 6 kings, 8 maps, and 200+ cards to provide a virtually endless number of unique scenarios.

King's Conflict is a Windows-only game at present, but is written using a cross-platform toolkit, and will eventually be available for Android, iOS, and Mac.

Install instructions

Once installed, just run the game, set up an account in the game client (just enter a username and password, click create account, re-enter the password), and you are away.

NOTE TO NEW PLAYERS - Playing through the tutorial first is STRONGLY recommended!


KingsConflict_0293_install_32bit.exe 222 MB